About the Blog

This blog is about confronting adulthood and embarking on a marriage relationship at the same time. Up until this point focusing on school is all I have ever known. And now, with graduation happening in a few months, I have to confront what I have been hoping to avoid since I started both college and graduate school: getting a job. I am afraid of leaving behind the security and comfort school has provided since I was a child. In a few months I must face adulthood; there’s no avoiding it now. But how can I be comfortable making “adult” decisions when I am still uncertain about what I want to be when I “grow up”?

I am also recently engaged. Not only am I trying to navigate the transition from school into adulthood, but I am also figuring out what responsibilities come with agreeing to be someone’s partner for life. This blog explores what it is like to assume these new roles and will include other topics related to these new roles such as planning a wedding and moving to a new city.


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